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Where to Buy the Best CBD Hemp Oil in Canada

Where can I buy trustworthy hemp-based CBD oil

Does Hemp Seed Oil Contain CBD?

Scientists have discovered many naturally occurring compounds in the popular hemp plant. It is a natural source of terpenes, flavonoids, and more importantly, cannabinoids, and CBD hemp oil.

But we are more interested in cannabidiol, a special cannabinoid with therapeutic properties and virtually no side effects.

The best part of cannabidiol, or CBD, is that it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, unlike THC.

After the nationwide legalization of medical marijuana in Canada, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

This makes the shopping experience for the first-time buyer a little complicated since they’re not sure where to buy cannabidiol in Canada.

To make things easier, we’ve listed our picks for the best CBD hemp oil producers in Canada. 

The Best CBD Hemp Oil In Canada

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1. FeelCBD

FeelCBD is a popular company based out of Vancouver, Canada. They do not process their own ingredients and source it from a Health Canada approved Licensed Provider.

That said, most of their products bring the benefits of CBD and essential oils together.

The essential oils are sourced from farms on Vancouver Island. They are selected after a vigorous process, with only 100% organic oils making the cut. 

FeelCBD makes sure to test out all its products to ensure there is 0% THC.

The main reason FeelCBD tops our list is due to the fact that all their Full Spectrum CBD oil undergoes extensive distillation to remove any traces of THC content. 

You can buy feelCBD’s medicinal hemp oil here.

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 2. Apothecary Naturals

Apothecary Naturals has been in the business for so many years, they can lay claim to the coveted title of being an ‘industrial leader’.

Their company runs on the old fashioned principles of integrity, value, and quality.

Just like FeelCBD, they are committed to providing premium quality of CBD, with no chemicals or hidden ingredients. 

Apothecary Naturals strives to go the extra mile when it comes to being 100% natural ingredients.

All their products are well researched, lab tested, and specifically formulated for customers who want a natural alternative.

You will find a range of products on Magnolia Wellness, from pain gels, to relief creams, to oral pet drops, to sniffer salves. The list is endless. 

The best part is free shipping on orders that are $150 or more! The only catch is, they don’t offer consumables. 

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3. Magnolia Wellness

Magnolia Wellness is a great experience for anyone who wants to buy cannabis oil online. Our website is comfortably fast and easy to browse.

Magnolia also offers deals for veterans and medical members, with a very convenient lifetime 5% discount on all their products.

We’re always giving amazing discounts and promo codes that savvy buyers should keep an out for!

We offer a range of products, including vapes, edibles, pet sales, and lifestyle accessories.

Our favourite are CBD Tinctures from Calyx, with a dosage of 1000mg/30ml, perfect to provide instant relaxation.

You can buy CBD oil!  

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4. Baked Edibles 

Baked Edibles has been in business for a long  time now. Like FeelCBD, they don’t grow their own hemp, instead preferring to source it from federally licensed MMAR growers with over 20 years of experience.

The CBD oil from these companies is fully tested for impurities and pesticides from analytics labs approved by Health Canada.

This means when it comes to safety, Baked Edibles is the name of the game.

Their flagship products are CBD infused cookies, canna caps, gummies, chocolate bars, and numerous other edibles.

Perhaps more importantly, we found Baked Edibles to be among the more consistent companies out there when it comes to dosage listed on their products.

Word of warning though: their chocolate products are delightfully tasty and will make you feel more than a little ‘relaxed’.

You can purchase Baked Edibles products here.

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5. Delush Bath & Body

This is a successful business founded by two women entrepreneurs who’ve been through it all: anxiety, weight issues, insecurities and more.

Their ability to empathize allowed them to come up with innovative self-care products that gave importance to one’s mental and physical health.

Although Delush first started out as a lifestyle company, they have expanded into tinctures and scrubs. 

Their motto is to convince ‘non-believers’ in the effectiveness of CBD. All their infused-CBD products are lab tested and fully certified.

More importantly, Delush ensures their products are devoid of any psychoactive compounds, so you won’t be feeling trippy any time soon!

CBD oil in bottles on a decorative table. Buy hemp oil online in canada.

6. Island Therapeutics 

Island Therapeutics specializes in a particular niche and has become much better at it than companies that don’t.

Their specialty is in handcrafting CBD infused transdermal patches and other healing remedies.

We did find their products to be slightly more expensive than what is usually the norm, so brace yourself for a pretty high bill.

You can find Island Therapeutics products here.

Shop For Cannabis Oil in Canada

So now that you know a little more about CBD hemp oil and where to buy the the best type of hemp CBD or cannabis oil in Canada, you’re ready to start shopping online now!

To find our recommended CBD hemp oil check out our CBD products, or our other hemp based health & wellness products.

Buy CBD hemp oil online.