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Order edibles from Magnolia Wellness Collective. We offer a range of cannabis edibles that are sure to please. You can buy edibles online from Canada. Canada has long been a leader in cannabis research and as such, we have some of the best edibles on the market today. Not only do we offer delicious CBD edibles for sale, but also we offer THC edibles and shroom edibles online with free shipping for orders over $99.

We carry THC edible products that treat various conditions and ailments, like PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain. Thc edibles help you cope with the challenges of life – day-to-day struggles can be eased with THC edibles. You can buy THC-infused products online in Canada – THC gummies, THC chocolates, and THC juices are popular choices among customers in Alberta!

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We have a wide range of Magnolia Edibles available to buy online and shipped right to your door, including Gummies, Hard Candy, Brownies, and Cookies. Choose from a selection of Magnolia Edibles by category below!

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It is easy to see why CBD edibles are so popular among medical patients. Magnolia CBD edibles are infused with some of the best BC hemp oil in the world. Many of our customers find that they can only consume CBD by ingestion because they can’t smoke. Our edibles are ideal, and a great way to treat several health conditions such as weight loss due to chronic health issues, insomnia, nausea, muscle spasms, pain, and poor appetite. Pay close attention to your levels. Our edibles are precisely infused so you can accurately gauge your dose.

Magnolia THC Edibles are made with premium medical-grade cannabis extracted from the buds of healthy plants. Buying THC edibles from Magnolia is a great way to make your day more enjoyable and productive – especially for those suffering from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and nausea.

The most typical dried mushrooms for eating, brewing into a tea, or crushing into a powder for further processing are found in Canada. What are magic mushroom edibles made from? These psychedelic edibles come from dried magic mushrooms, usually of the species Psilocybe. The psychoactive ingredient is psilocybin. Although magic mushroom edibles are considered by some to be dangerous, they are most often used in Canada for their therapeutic effects on the brain. When ingested, one can notice the psychedelic effects within an hour after consumption. These are believed to last for about four or five hours, though the exact duration varies by weight, metabolism, and other factors. Effects of magic mushroom edibles can be drastically different depending on many factors including but not limited to age, body mass, weight, and tolerance level.

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It’s easy to get the wellness products you want with Magnolia Edibles because we’re discreet and easy to use. Magnolia Edibles is available in any province or territory of Canada. You can register and order online. Just contact us.

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