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Moncton is in the southeastern part of New Brunswick, just across the Northumberland Strait from Prince Edward Island. This community is nestled in a beautiful part of this forested maritime province, where the climate is “continental,” the winters are snowy, and the summers are temperate. Moncton holds to the New Brunswick mixture of English and French, and both languages are spoken

Living in Moncton is already pretty sweet. Magnolia edibles are a perfect addition to a gracious and healthy life. In this neck of the woods, Magnolia edibles are a popular alternative to smoking and vaping. These are edibles that have everything people in Moncton are looking for in a dose of cannabis or psilocybin, including precision, potency, and great flavour. We infuse the highest quality of cannabis or psilocybin and extract just the right balance for your needs.

Moncton Gets Their Edibles from Magnolia

Moncton places a high value on Magnolia edibles, this is because Magnolia Edibles places a high value on quality ingredients. In Moncton, you have easy access to high-quality BC cannabis and psilocybin, crafted into some of the tastiest and carefully crafted edibles in Canada.

We are proud to be part of the lives of those Canadians in Moncton and are dedicated to our ability to administer effective self-care. Our edibles are made with a process, and a level of standards that ensure that the ingredients going into them are as premium as the cannabis or psilocybin that infuses them.


The Assortment of Magnolia Edibles

Our CBD edibles are carefully crafted for precision so that you can accurately gauge your dose level. They are infused with some of the best hemp oil in the world. These CBD edibles treat everything from insomnia, nausea, muscle spasms, and pain, to poor appetite and weight loss due to chronic health issues. CBD edibles are ideal for those patients that can’t inhale smoke or vapour.

Magnolia THC edibles are infused with the highest quality BC concentrate and use only premium ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. Find your balance, between Sativa dominant, Indica dominant, and hybrid strains. These THC edibles are popular among both recreational users and medical patients. The potent dose, and precision are favoured by both groups.

We offer psilocybin-infused edibles that have the perfect texture and taste. This is ideal because we all know that typically raw dried shrooms can be a difficult morsel to ingest. Our psilocybin edibles are as delicious as any you’ll find in a confectionary or chocolate shop, plus these treats contain a precise dose of psilocybin.

Moncton Knows that Magnolia edibles are a great choice for those who’d prefer not to smoke or inhale vapour.

Magnolia Edibles are Easy and Convenient

In Moncton, you have an easy way to buy edibles. The Magnolia Edibles online dispensary is a sure way to get the edibles you’re after, delivered to all provinces and territories. Ordering is easy and our service to you is convenient. Contact Magnolia Edibles and get started by registering and ordering from the most reliable source for high-quality edibles.