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If you want to live in a strong economy, with low taxes, and an affordable cost of living, Regina Saskatchewan is the city for you. As the capital city of Saskatchewan, one of the three prairie provinces, Regina is a city that represents Saskatchewan well.

Regina’s recent economic growth has created a boom in job opportunities, which has also created immigration from other areas of the world. It is easy to live in Regina. It is easier to make a comfortable living, enjoy sporting events like football games, movies, and concerts, and commute.

Regina is a welcoming community, with people who let you be who you want to be. Here you are welcome to pursue your dreams. Magnolia believes we can help with that.

Magnolia is the Right Choice in Regina

We have an abundant selection of products that are just right for Regina. Your access is easy, and you can depend on Magnolia to be your most reliable source for online edibles. Because of our long-term relationships with BC growers and producers, we can find some great deals and pass them on to you in Regina.

We are proud of our quality and consider it to be our highest priority. We owe our success to it. We maintain high standards and commit ourselves to strict food production procedures. We match the quality of our cannabis concentrates, or carefully cultivated psilocybin, with our premium confection and baking ingredients.


The Assortment of Magnolia Edibles

Magnolia CBD edibles are made from some of the best hemp oil in the world and are perfect for patients unable to inhale smoke or vapour. It is easy to administer an accurate dose because our edibles are precisely measured and crafted for maximum effectiveness. Our CBD edibles treat insomnia, nausea, muscle spasms, pain, loss of appetite, and weight loss due to chronic illness, among other conditions.

We make it easy to find your perfect balance of THC edible. Our concentrates are made from a wide variety of Sativa dominant and Indica dominant strains and contain only the finest BC concentrate, with no artificial colours or flavours, and because of the potency and precision, they are gaining in popularity with both recreational users and medical users.

Buy online from Magnolia for consistency and accuracy, it’s a much better way to go than other sources. Our edibles combine accuracy and good taste. Let’s face it, chewing on a raw dried shroom is challenging at best. Grinding them up and sprinkling them over your favourite food may still result in an unprecise dose. Our edibles are just as good as anything you’d find in a confectionery or chocolate shop, but these are infused with psilocybin.

Clearly, people in Regina are interested in the high quality of Magnolia edibles. Our edibles are a tasty, potent, and precise way to dose.

For Regina, it’s About Good Taste and Easy Access

Register and order to get easy access to Magnolia Edibles. From buying to delivery, it is always secure and discrete. Contact us today for more information and check out our blog posts.