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Flower Intermediary


The Classic Way to Consume Cannabis

Whether you’re a certified cannasseur or completely new to cannabis, it’s common knowledge that smoking flower is the oldest and most popular way to consume cannabis. No two cannabis strains are exactly alike, and due to the wide and varied number of strains that exist, smoking flower allows cannabis users to decide exactly what sort of experience they want to have when consuming. We’ve curated a catalogue of our favourite strains for everyone, from beginners to flower aficionados.

For Beginners & Not-so-Beginners

If you’re new to cannabis, we recommend trying some of our less potent strains before you move on to more premium flower. We recommend lower star strains like G-13.

For those looking for the most premium flower on the market, check out our Skookum Canned Cannabis strains. These small-batch, organic, specially tinned strains of premium B.C. grown flower are especially beloved by our experienced Magnolia members.