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The History of Hemp

Cannabis Ruderalis, or Hemp, is one of the three species of cannabis plant. Unlike cannabis Sativa or cannabis Indica, hemp has a very low THC content, rendering it incapable of creating a psychoactive response in humans. Although it is a cannabis plant, the effects of hemp are very different from those of cannabis Sativa or Indica, making it a great cannabis alternative for users looking for a non-psychoactive wellness experience.

The History of Hemp

Hemp is one of the oldest plants to be cultivated by humans, and has been used for thousands of years to create fibres and textiles for use in clothing, paper, building materials, and ropes.
The earliest evidence of hemp use dates back to 8000 BC Japan, and pieces created using hemp fibres have been found in numerous archeological sites throughout the world, signifying its importance in human culture globally since the Bronze Age. more about CBD here

Benefits of Hemp

Hemp fibres are remarkably strong and lean, making them incredibly useful for creating textiles and building materials. Hemp’s antibacterial properties, coupled with its large concentration of CBD, has also caused hemp to rise in popularity in the holistic wellness community. CBD extracts from hemp are used to create effective and beneficial topical and non-psychoactive consumable products that remedy muscle and joint pain, alleviate the effects of stress, anxiety and clinical depression, and do wonders for hair and skin.