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A vegan diet doesn’t allow any products derived from animals to be consumed. Our cannabis CBD Vegan edibles online follow this guideline and use no animal-based ingredients. We use no milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, poultry, eggs, fish, or honey, in our vegan CBD edibles. Like all edibles, they are ingested instead of smoked, being foods and drinks that contain Cannabidiol (CBD oil extracted from hemp cannabis plants). Unlike other edibles, all other ingredients are strictly vegan.

This way of eating is not only a diet, but it also reflects a way of life; I life that considers the well-being of other animals, and the health of the entire planet. As this movement grows, there will be more scientific data revealing its benefits.

How Magnolia Edibles Work

Derived from hemp cannabis plants, CBD edible foods or drinks are ingested, not smoked. They are infused with cannabinoids specific to CBD.

It is considered much healthier to ingest edibles, and so they are in increasing demand. Your body absorbs cannabinoids through the digestive process, which does take longer but does utilize more cannabinoids, making the effect greater, and the effects last longer. The CBD then binds to the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Most cannabis edible consumers consider a “low” dose to be about 2mg, a standard dose to be about 5mg, and a good solid full-on dose to be about 10mg.

If you are vegan and you want to treat a poor appetite, pain, muscle spasms, nausea, insomnia, and weight loss due to a health condition, our CBD vegan edibles are ideal, and a great way to treat these conditions. Many patients may have a condition wherein vegan edibles are the only way they can consume cannabis. Buy edibles online in Yukon and other parts of Canada today.

Edibles Are a Healthy Way to Consume Cannabis

Vegan edibles containing CBD (cannabidiol), provide those that choose not to inhale tars and other unhealthy substances from combustion, with the therapeutic effects they need.

A big consideration for those with health issues is the precision and potency of the edibles. If you make sure that you pay close attention to your regimen and dose accurately, edibles have fewer health implications. People are increasingly considering CBD-infused foods to be a healthier alternative to inhaling smoke. Research done on the vegan diet shows that it promotes weight loss, reduces your risk of heart disease, and lowers the risk of certain kinds of cancer.