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THC Chocolate

Buy THC Chocolate Edibles online in Canada

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When it comes to THC chocolate at Magnolia Edibles, we care about two things, the quality of the chocolate and the quality of the cannabis. We deliver both consistently. We take the production of edibles seriously and follow some very specific procedures to bring you the best.

Chocolate edibles are foods or drinks that are ingested and are infused with cannabinoids derived from cannabis plants. Through ingestion, the cannabinoids are processed through the liver and absorbed into the bloodstream.

We want you to have a smooth and pleasant experience with our chocolate. That is why they are so precisely crafted. This helps you get the desired therapeutic or recreational benefits without getting too high to function or experiencing trouble figuring out how much to take or avoiding anxious and paranoid thoughts.

We feature chocolates by Potluck, Infused Chocolate– Cookies & Cream– 300mg THC, Infused Chocolate– Maple Bacon–300mg THC, and Infused Chocolate– Milk Chocolate–300mg THC.

Buying from our online dispensary is smooth and effortless, your chocolate delivery comes right to your door, securely and discretely.

Chocolate THC Edibles, How They Work

You can get the desired effect by consuming our chocolate once your digestive system has had enough time to absorb the cannabinoids. THC then hits the brain and binds to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, notably the CB1 receptors, producing the effect.

For the increasing number of people who do not want to inhale the tars and other unhealthy substances produced from combustion, these chocolate edibles, containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), will provide a similar effect as one would expect from smoking. Consuming THC edibles like our chocolates have increased in popularity in recent years, mainly because it is considered much healthier.

Magnolia Edibles chocolates aren’t just delicious, they are a powerful, yet discrete, and easy way to dose. When you dose this product, we suggest you consume a small amount initially and wait for 1 hour for the effects to begin, before consuming more.

Most cannabis consumers consider a “low” dose to be about 2mg, a standard dose to be about 5mg, and a good solid full-on dose to be about 10mg.

Buy THC chocolate in Canada online from Magnolia Edibles. We can help make sure that your experience is as smooth as our chocolate.