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THC Macrodose

Buying THC Edibles Online in Canada for Macrodosing

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This is the strongest THC edible category you can access. This starts at 100mg, a dosage that 95% of most smokers will never reach.

We provide THC edibles of high potency for those interested in macro dosing. For those who believe there is no point in consuming THC unless you can truly appreciate its profound effects, or for those in need of a high level of treatment, there is macro dosing.

There are some things you need to be prepared for if you enter this zone. First, you shouldn’t underestimate this category. This is not for beginners or casual cannabis users. Second, be very familiar with your tolerance level. Third, this is one of those occasions wherein you really need to think about the rate of your intake. It is easy to eat too much.

Macrodosing Magnolia THC Edibles

This is where the most potent edibles in Canada can be found, a potency that 95% of all smokers and eaters will never attain. Unless you are a serious smoker or have a serious health condition like Epilepsy, sclerosis, or intense pain, this is not the dose for you.

If you are not familiar with edibles or your tolerance for THC, we suggest you stick with doses more in the range of 10mg to 20mg.

Our potent edibles range from baked goods like cookies and brownies to gummies and chocolates. Whichever your preference, we have precise doses so that you can properly gauge exactly what you’re getting. If you are looking to achieve a high level for either the sheer enjoyment of the THC or using it to treat the symptoms of a serious medical condition, we have doses that go from 100mg all the way up to 1000mg.

How Magnolia Edibles Work

As with all edibles, the process is different than smoking. Ingestion takes a lot longer for the cannabinoids to enter your bloodstream and interact with the CB1 receptor cells in your endocannabinoid system. The digestive system is, however, better at utilizing cannabinoids than is your lungs. So, start with a smaller amount and wait an hour or two before consuming more. The effect builds and builds.

THC Edibles Are Healthier Than Smoking

THC-infused foods are a healthier alternative to smoking. Between the tar and other harmful chemicals, you take into your lungs, ingestion is simply better than inhaling.