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Bright Future - Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt - 3000mgBright Future - Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt - 3000mg

Bright Future – Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt – 3000mg


This one is for all the health-conscious mush lovers out there. This handcrafted blend of premium organic dark chocolate and sea salt is vegan, gluten-free and guilt-free! This 3000mg psilocybin bar is perfect for microdosing or sharing a trip with friends. Enjoy this decadent mouthwatering chocolate and jump on your neon laser shark for a ride through the galaxy!

Ingredients: •cocoa mass •cane sugar •cocoa butter •low-fat cocoa powder •psilocybe cubensis •soy lecithin •vanilla •sea salt | made in a facility that uses nuts, seeds, eggs.

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Bright Future

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